Watch Mel C join Blossoms on stage at Glastonbury to cover the Spice Girls

Sporty Spice hopped up on stage to perform 'Spice Up Your Life' with the Stockport band

Mel C joined Blossoms on stage this afternoon (June 24) to cover the Spice Girls‘ ‘Spice Up Your Life’. Check out footage below.

The Stockport band were playing at The Other Stage when they were joined by the Spice Girl: “Since it’s technically the 50th anniversary, we thought we’d do something a little bit special,” frontman Tom Ogden said. “Do we have any Spice Girls fans in the house? OK would you please welcome to the stage Melanie C aka Sporty Spice.”

As Mel C joined the band on stage, Ogden asked her: “Right are we gonna do it? Excuse my attempt at the moves, but you’ve got it.” Watch footage below from the unlikely collaboration.


Speaking to NME hours before the show, the band explained how the team-up came to be: “We did a gig for the charity Shelter in 2016 set up by Olly [Alexander] from Years & Years and met her there. We hung out and got on well, and we were both on Radio 2 this morning and we did a session where we had to do a cover, and she was already a guest on the show, so we asked if she wanted do one there.”

Blossoms frontman Tom Ogden continued: “She suggested that we change from ‘2 Become 1’ and do ‘Spice Up Your Life’ because it gets the crowd going a bit more. It suits us! We’ve got extra percussionists and a bit of a carnival thing going on – Josh is playing a whistle, so it’s a lot of fun.”


Elsewhere, Mel C performed a lively set yesterday at the festival’s William’s Green stage, mashing up Spice Girls classics with songs from Nirvana and Pulp. NME‘s review said: “Move over Calvin Harris – get Sporty Spice in the Arcadia Spider ASAP.”

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