Metric unveil ’90s inspired video for new track ‘What Feels Like Eternity’

Watch the '90s inspired live performance video here

Metric have released a new video for their track ‘What Feels Like Eternity’. Watch the clip below.

The track is the latest preview of the four-piece’s forthcoming new album ‘Formentera’, which is set for release on July 8, and is the follow-up to the band’s 2018 release ‘Art Of Doubt‘. Metric previously released singles ‘All Comes Crashing‘, and ‘Doomscroller‘ from their yet-to-be released eighth studio album.

The video for the slowly building single, features the band performing, as the track speeds up and vocalist Emily Haines sings, “It feels like eternity / For what feels like eternity / And what might overpower me / Head down, don’t look up” over building guitars and distortion. At one point in the video, the band looks into the camera, which takes on a ’90s style filter, changing outfits, having coffee, and preparing for another performance.


The album is named for an idyllic island near Ibiza off the coast of Spain, a place the band said existed in a “dream destinations” travel book that happened to be on the desk of their recording studio.

“We had been living in our imaginations for a long time, because we couldn’t physically go anywhere else,” guitarist and co-producer Jimmy Shaw said. “When you listen to the album from beginning to end, you start with this immediate feeling of tension building, of being stuck in a loop, and then there’s this intense release that happens. You’re swept off your feet into the title track ‘Formentera’ and it’s like you escaped.”

Haines continued: “We came to this realization that it wasn’t even about an actual place anymore, it was about creating an escape for yourself in your mind because you’re powerless over so many things.”

Metric will embark on a North American tour in August in support of ‘Formentera’, with UK and European dates set to be announced soon. You can find tickets to the North American tour here.