Watch the newly released HD video for MF DOOM and Madlib’s Madvillain track ‘All Caps’

The hand-drawn comic book-style clip has been remastered to commemorate the recent passing of DOOM

The video for MF DOOM and Madlib‘s 2004 Madvillain song ‘All Caps’ has officially been released in HD format for the very first time – you can watch the clip below.

The track originally featured on the pair’s classic collaborative album ‘Madvillainy’, which was released under the duo’s Madvillain name in March 2004.

The original 2004 video for ‘All Caps’ was directed and animated by James Reitano, and Stones Throw Records, who released ‘Madvillainy’, have now shared the remastered HD version of Reitano’s ‘All Caps’ video.


“In those pre-YouTube days we resorted to posting the video as a .mov file on Stones Throw’s website and included it on an ‘Enhanced CD’ edition of the album,” Stones Throw’s Jeff Jank explained in a new statement alongside a Q&A with Reitano.

“I knew just a little about James when I visited him at his home studio where he was working on the video. I didn’t realise he was creating the animation by hand until he handed me a stack of pages, hundreds of drawings.”

In a separate statement on Instagram, Stones Throw expanded further on the decision to remaster the ‘All Caps’ video: “‘All Caps’ was hand-drawn, and it came out in the caveman days when there was no YouTube.

“When YouTube finally did start up, the video size was archaic compared to what we’re used to today. Years later, we’ve finally uploaded a better looking version of the Madvillain video.”


The arrival of the HD ‘All Caps’ video follows just over a month on from the December 31 announcement which confirmed that DOOM had passed away in October. He was 49.

Speaking in an interview last month, Madlib said that he “still can’t believe” that DOOM had died.

“We talked like once or twice a year, but that’s how it’s always been. We talked last year and everything seemed fine,” the producer said. “It was mostly me sending him beats, he rarely sent me stuff. But yeah we checked in, whether it was music or not, talking about our kids or whatever.”

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