MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden launches radio show ‘Time Passage’

Broadcast every Monday night on Memphis radio

MGMT vocalist Andrew VanWyndgarden has launched a new radio show on WYXR Memphis 91.7FM.

‘Time Passage’ is set to broadcast every Monday night 10pm ET (Tuesday nights at 3am BST) from now until “eternity”, according to VanWyndgarden.

The psych singer announced the new show on social media with a characteristically cryptic teaser video, pitch-bending his voice over an abstract image collage.


“It’s more than a show, ’cause it might just blow your mind. It’ll be scary, it’ll be fun. We will emerge as one. Let’s hope we emerge at all,” VanWyndgarden said.

Each show will be available after broadcast on the radio station’s website here.

Van Wyndgarden, under the moniker of Gentle Dom, teamed up with Soccer Mommy in June to rework her song ‘circle the drain’ for her ‘Soccer Mommy & Friends Singles Series’. Soccer Mommy covered MGMT’s ‘Indie Rokkers’.

MGMT launched their own label in December last year, MGMT Records, releasing the single ‘In The Afternoon’. The B Side to the 12″ single, the seven-minute ambient instrumental ‘As You Move Through The World’, was released in March of this year.


The band’s last full-length album ‘Little Dark Age’ was released in 2018. NME named it one of the best albums of that year, writing, “after more than a decade of insularity, MGMT have thrown open the doors and welcomed you back into their world. In doing so, they’ve had to engage with our messy, unpalatable reality.”