Michael Bublé is a huge fan of Deftones’ new album ‘Ohms’

The crooner is "absolutely loving" the metallers' recent LP

Michael Bublé has emerged as an unlikely Deftones superfan, sharing his love for the band’s new album ‘Ohms’.

Deftones released ‘Ohms’ in September, and Buble took to Instagram to share his new merch from the band.

“Thank you @deftones for the swag!” Bublé posted on his Instagram story, alongside a video of him jumping for joy while wearing one of the band’s hoodies.


The post comes with the music tag of the album’s title track, and Bublé also tagged each member of the band separately.

“I am absolutely loving the new record ‘Ohms!'” he added.

Credit: @michaelbuble/Instagram.

Giving ‘Ohms’ a five-star album review, NME wrote: “‘Ohms’ is a very 2020 sort of album. This isn’t a year in which beauty makes all that much sense. These songs are as ugly as the news. As disfigured as the environment. As barren as the hope felt by the majority of the world’s inhabitants.

“Again, Moreno might as well be singing about what breed of guinea pig is the best, such is the obliqueness of the record’s words, but there’s truth here, amplified louder than perhaps ever before. ‘Error’ sounds much like the Sonic Youth songs explicitly created to upset people. Elsewhere, ‘Radiant City’, its stuttering riff as dirty as a bus station toilet, could have ignited a rock club’s dancefloor back in 1997.”


Bublé, meanwhile, said back in 2018 that he was going to quit music after his “perfect” new album, after reevaluating his life and priorities after his son recovered from cancer.

“I’m retiring from the business,” he said. “I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”