Mick Fleetwood says “fantastic” viral ‘Dreams’ TikTok video “is hugely gratifying”

Fleetwood previously said that his band "owes" Nathan Apodaca following the huge popularity of his video

Mick Fleetwood has spoken out again in praise of Nathan Apodaca’s viral ‘Dreams’ TikTok video, calling it “fantastic” and saying that its success “is hugely gratifying”.

Apodaca has brought both ‘Dreams’ and Fleetwood Mac a huge resurgence in popularity over the past few weeks after he filmed himself singing along to the song while longboarding on the way to work last month.

Fleetwood — who filmed his own version of Apodaca’s TikTok in tribute to the original’s big success on the social media platform — met Apodaca remotely over Zoom last week thanks to BBC News, with the musician telling the Idahoan that his band “owe” the TikTok star for sharing the clip.


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♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac


Speaking in a new interview with Page Six from his home in Hawaii, Fleetwood praised Apodaca’s TikTok as a “moment of connectivity” that “just resonated” with people across the world.

“It was a reach out with a smile: ‘Here I am and here we go,’” Fleetwood said of Apodaca’s laidback vibe in the video. “It’s so what we need right now. And how cool is that?

“It was sort of a huge accident. This is hugely gratifying and it’s fantastic.”

Last week, Apodaca recreated his TikTok clip while driving a brand new pick-up truck that was gifted to him by Ocean Spray — the makers of the cranberry juice that he is seen drinking in the original video.

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