Midnight Fusic, Senja to play virtual fundraiser for Women’s Aid Organisation of Malaysia

To benefit the Women’s Aid Organisation of Malaysia

Midnight Fusic, Senja are among four Malaysian bands that have been announced for Sex Ed!, a livestream by the Women’s Aid Organisation.

The event aims to fundraise for the aid group, and highlight the country’s need for conversations surrounding sexual education, gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

On the lineup for the Sex Ed! charity event premiering on YouTube at 8pm tomorrow (Friday, September 18) are Midnight Fusic, Senja, Advents and Lxcid. A poetry segment featuring Amelia Natasha will also be broadcast.


“Please don’t just stay to watch our set- this livestream is for an insanely good cause,” Senja wrote on Twitter. “We need to spread awareness for sex education. Not just for school kids, but also for adults too! This awesome initiative is brought to you in mind as a learning [experience]!”

Check out the full tweet below.

While the livestream event will be free to view, donations are strongly encouraged. According to Juice, all proceeds from the funds raised will be used to provide shelter, counselling, and other forms of support for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and other toxic behaviours within the same scope.

Donations of RM50 and above will come with a tax-exempt receipt, though donors will have to send proof of the transaction to Women’s Aid Organisation here to qualify.

For more information on the Women’s Aid Organisation of Malaysia, visit its official website.


Some bands on the SexEd! bill have recently released new music. Midnight Fusic dropped the song ‘I Don’t Wanna Dream Tonight’ in August, while Advents put out the ‘Clueless & Immature’ EP in April.