Midnight Fusic’s self-titled debut album is out now

The Malaysian pop rockers' new album has been three years in the making

Malaysian pop rockers Midnight Fusic have released their self-titled debut album today (February 5).

The band revealed the album’s release date on Instagram on January 26. It includes recent singles ‘Sandiwara’ featuring Pijar, the band’s first song written and performed in Bahasa, and ‘I Don’t Wanna Dream Tonight’, which was “heavily influenced” by Fleetwood Mac and The 1975.

‘Midnight Fusic’ has been several years in the making: in a virtual album release party, the band revealed they began working on the record in 2018. As such, it features older material such as 2019 single ‘Vertigo’ featuring Lunadira, plus the three songs from their 2019 ‘Caramel Cream EP’.


The lead single from the self-titled effort is opening track ‘Strangers’, in which the band address the process of dealing with addiction. “It’s written from the perspective of someone who’s not always sober, and can’t see the negative impact of their behaviour,” Midnight Fusic said in a press statement.

‘Strangers’ also features guest vocals from members of Indonesian band Romantic Echoes and Manny Rune.

Stream ‘Midnight Fusic’ below:


The cover art of ‘Midnight Fusic’ is:



midnight fusic self-titled album february
The cover of Midnight Fusic’s self-titled debut album. Courtesy Sony Music Malaysia

The tracklist of ‘Midnight Fusic’ is:

1. ‘Strangers’
2. ‘Vertigo’
3. ‘Think About’
4. ‘Under The Weather’
5. ‘Little Did She Know’
6. ‘How Will I Know?’
7. ‘Am I In The Right Mind?’
8. ‘Heart Of May’
9. ‘Lovesick’
10. ‘Caramel Cream’
11. ‘Sandiwara’
12. ‘I Don’t Wanna Dream Tonight’
13. ‘I Just Wanna Go Outside’
14. ‘Take You There’

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