MILLI announces debut album ‘BABB BUM BUM’

The Thai rapper's anticipated debut album drops this month

Thai rapper MILLI has announced the title and release date for her debut album.

In an announcement posted on her social media channels on November 1, MILLI revealed that the album, titled ‘BABB BUM BUM’, will be released this November 10. The announcement was accompanied by psychedelic album art, which appears to frame the rapper against a colourful, distorted city.


MILLI has yet to reveal additional details about the album including the tracklisting and potential collaborations. She previously released a new collaboration with GOT7’s Jackson Wang titled ‘Mind Games’ on August 19 following the track’s debut during the GOT7 star’s performance in Bangkok, Thailand in July.

Originally slated to appear as part of Wang’s ‘Magic Man’ album, the track will instead be featured on 88rising’s upcoming third compilation album ‘Head In The Clouds III’ alongside BIBI’s ‘The Weekend’, Filipino-Australian newcomer Ylona Garcia’s ‘Don’t Go Changing’, NIKI’s ‘Split’ and ‘California’ by Rich Brian, NIKI and Warren Hue.

MILLI’s performance at Coachella alongside her labelmates as part of 88rising’s ‘HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FOREVER’ showcase shot her into viral notoriety after she ate a plate of mango sticky rice during her track ‘Mango Sticky Rice’. Following the performance, the dessert became a sensation in Thailand, with skyrocketing sales that even saw one outlet reporting so many delivery orders for the dessert that police arrived at the store.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha even considered registering mango sticky rice as a UNESCO cultural heritage item, though the politician had previously pressed defamation charges against MILLI over her comments on his management of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a THB2,000 fine for the rapper.

‘Mango Sticky Rice’ would later be officially released as a single.

MILLI is set to join Rich BrianNIKIJojiJackson Wang, ex-Day6 member eaJ at the Philippines and Indonesia debuts of 88rising’s Head In The Clouds festival. The Jakarta leg will be held on December 3 and 4, with tickets available for purchase here.


The Philippines leg takes place on on December 9 and 10 at the SM Festival Grounds in Paranaque City, Manila, and will feature a guest appearance by DJ and producer ZEDD. Tickets can be purchased here.