MØ announces her return with details of new single ‘Live To Survive’

Set to be her first single in two years

Danish pop star has announced her return with news of her first song in two years, ‘Live To Survive’.

Taking to social media to make the announcement, MØ – real name Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen – revealed that her new song would be out on Thursday May 27.

She also shared a link for fans to pre-save the song, offering a sneak peek of “something special”.


Once fans pre-save the song, they can view some behind the scenes footage of the ‘Live To Survive’ music video, which shows MØ being strapped with something around her leg as she prepares to get into a river in the background.

View MØ’s tweet below.

‘Live To Survive’ will be the follow-up to MØ’s one-off 2019 single, ‘On & On’. That year, she also released a cover of Smashing Pumpkins‘ hit ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’.

Later that year, MØ, in collaboration with Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, dropped ‘Walshy Fire Presents: MMMMØ – The Mix’. MØ described the remix album as a “mix of some of my old favourites, new favourites, some B-sides and a recent cover I did of one of my favourite songs in the world!”.

MØ’s last studio album, ‘Forever Neverland’, dropped back in 2018. In a review of the albumNME‘s Nick Levine wrote that it proves “MØ’s own music deserves to find a wider audience.


“By turns anthemic, experimental and boldly poptastic, ‘Forever Neverland’ hits multiple grooves, proving she’s a fascinating, multifaceted musician in her own right. As an artist, she’s much more than someone to lean on.”

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