Mocca celebrate 22nd anniversary with new EP ‘Funfair’

They also held a “birthday bash” earlier this week

Indonesian indie pop outfit Mocca celebrated their 22nd anniversary with the release of a brand-new EP called ‘Funfair’.

Released on November 1, the mini-album consists of three songs. The main single ‘Happy Birthday’ is made available on all major streaming sites, while the other two tracks – ‘Easy Like 1 2 3’ and their collaboration with David Bayu ‘Happy’ – are exclusively sold at The Store Front music store. Check it out here.

The record comes with karaoke versions of all three tracks.


Listen to ‘Happy Birthday’ here:

Apart from new music, the quartet also held a “birthday bash” earlier this week via their TikTok account, where the band performed a live show for their fans.

Prior to the release of ‘Funfair’, the four-piece group worked with singer-songwriter Vira Talisa on the split single ‘Secret Admirer Walking Back Home’. The project saw Mocca release a soothing cover of Talisa’s 2016 single ‘Walking Back Home’, while Talisa delivered a rendition of their song ‘Secret Admirer’ in French.

Mocca – composed of Arina Ephipania (vocals/flute), Riko Prayitno (guitars) Toma Pratama (bass) and Indra Massad (drums) – began their music career as a group in 1999. They released their seventh album ‘Day By Day’ in November 2020, which includes recently dropped singles ‘All The Way’, ‘Love You On Tuesday’ and ‘Farewell And Goodnight’.