Mohd Jayzuan announces new compilation of Ipoh indie rock and experimental music

"Ipoh has a distinctive sound. So we are trying to come up with a new compilation to document this unique identity"

Malaysian indie rock veteran Mohd Jayzuan has announced a new compilation album, ‘Ipoh City Slackers’, that aims to rekindle the city’s lo-fi sound and aesthetics.

The compilation will feature Ipoh-based indie rock outfits Harmacy, Lovethee and Hem, as well as poet Jack Malik and avant-garde artist Meor Hailree.

‘Ipoh City Slackers’ is a collaboration between Jayzuan’s contemporary artist collective Projek Rabak and Nagarakota, a music venue in the seaside town of Lumut.


The artists are expected to head to Nagarakota’s recording studio to lay down their tracks soon, Mohd Jayzuan told NME.

A release date and formats have yet to be announced for the compilation, though Jayzuan said it should be released sometime in early 2021.

Explaining the motivations behind the project, Jayzuan said it has been a long time since there were any compilations released from Ipoh, which since the ’90s has been known for a “rusty, lo-fi and sloppy” sound, akin to that of Seattle.

The last compilation of this nature, he said, was ‘Kopi Sechewen 3’ which was released in 2003. Hear a sampler of that comp below:


“Ipoh has a distinctive sound. So we are trying to come up with a new compilation to document this unique identity,” he explained.

He also noted the compilation might help address the misconception of the term “indie” which he says is commonly used in Malaysia to describe unsigned bands, as opposed to a specific sound, style and aesthetic.

Though Ipoh’s scene has grown to include formidable hardcore, punk and more refined indie bands, Jayzuan said the compilation is a throwback to the rawness of the city’s pioneering acts.

‘Ipoh City Slackers’ takes its title from a term first coined by PeaceBeUponYou clothing entrepreneur Adam Jalaludin, Jayzuan explained. The compilation will also be accompanied by a mini-documentary produced by independent music and arts production house Tapau Asia.

Meanwhile, Mohd Jayzuan, a former member of Ipoh stalwarts Free Love and Bloody Mary, is also working on his yet-to-be-named third solo album. His debut album ‘Love-fi’ was released in 2008, followed by ‘Pop n’ Roll’ in 2015. He also runs an art space called Kedutaan Ipoh in Jakarta.