Moira Dela Torre shares two new singles and documentary-concert film

The two singles form a duology, chronicling the story of a parent and child from their respective viewpoints

Filipino singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre has released two new singles, ‘Pabilin’ and ‘Pagitan’.

The singles – which form a duology – were released on October 28, and tell a story of a parent and child. The first song, ‘Pabilin’ is sung from the perspective of the child, while ‘Pagitan’ is sung from the parent’s perspective.

Listen to ‘Pabilin’ and ‘Pagitan’ below.


“‘Pabilin’ talks about making the most of our time with our loved ones, because we don’t know how much of it we really have,” Dela Torre explained on Instagram following the double-single’s release.

Both singles highlight Moira Dela Torre’s enchanting airy vocals, set against acoustic instruments and a colourful arrangement of strings.

The new tracks were accompanied by the release of The Halfway Point, a documentary-concert film that explores the stories behind each song from Moira’s first two studio albums ‘Malaya’ and ‘Patawad’, as well as the lessons the musician learnt along her career.

The film also features appearances and performances from Moira Dela Torre’s collaborators including Ben&Ben, I Belong To The Zoo and Erik Santos.


Watch the film below.

Prior to the release of ‘Pabilin’ and ‘Pagitan’, Moira Dela Torre most recently collaborated with folk-pop group Ben&Ben for ‘Pasalubong’ off their recently released album ‘Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno’.

Moira Dela Torre has released five singles this year prior to ‘Pabilin’ and ‘Pagitan’. They include ‘Beautiful Scars’ and ‘Pag-ibig ang Piliin (Choose To Love)’.

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