Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Malaya’ and BGYO’s ‘The Baddest’ among OPM songs being sent to the Moon in time capsules

The capsules will also contain recorded music from artists in the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Georgia, and Bhutan

A collection of OPM music containing tracks from Moira dela Torre, Angela Ken and P-pop groups BGYO and BINI will be sent to the Moon in 2023 as part of The Lunar Codex’s Polaris Collection time capsules.

Tracks by Filipino artists Apo Hiking Society, Gary Valenciano, Kiana V, and Ryan Cayabyab are also among those included in the time capsules, which will contain recorded music from artists in the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Georgia, and Bhutan.

Per an ABS-CBN report, some of the songs selected for the time capsule venture include Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Malaya’, BGYO’s ‘The Baddest’, ‘He’s Into Her’ and ‘Kundiman’, BINI’s ‘Golden Arrow’ and ‘Kapit Lang’ and Angela Ken’s ‘Ako Naman Muna’.


Selected songs will be stored using a novel archival process that presents the audio as a temporal waveform and a frequency spectrogram with ancillary text data, which is then etched onto nickel nanofiche. The song is reconstructed by sound wave analysis algorithms as used in paleokymophony or paleospectrophony, the final result of which the Lunar Codex claims can last hundreds of thousands of years.

The remaining works will be preserved using digital archiving.

The Lunar Codex has sent several collections of art including poetry, books and paintings into space as part of its time capsule program. The non-profit effort of Samuel Peralta has already sent The Peregrine Collection to the Lacus Mortis on the Moon via Astrobotic’s Peregrine mission, and followed it up with The Nova Collection landing in Vallis Schrasöteri, in the area of Oceanus Procellarum on the Moon with the Intuitive Machines Nova-C mission.

The Lunar Codex claims to be the first project to launch the works of women artists to the lunar surface, and is also the first project. It is also the first project to place film and music on the Moon.

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