MONSTA X’s I.M chats about the future with ASTRO’s Jinjin

“It’s that point where we have uncertainty about what’s ahead, right?”

I.M of MONSTA X discussed some of his worries with ASTRO’s Jinjin in a new Welcome To My Baverse episode.

In a recent episode of Baverse Studio’s Welcome To My Baverse series, MONSTA X’s I.M reveals parts of his daily life and chats with a few special guests, including fellow K-pop idol Jinjin of ASTRO. The series features guest musicians in every episode, sharing some of their mundane everyday lives and exploring their thoughts through mini-interviews.

I.M’s episode includes a short chat with Jinjin, where the two idols catch up and discuss some of their worries and difficulties. “Hardships? To tell you the truth, I’m having deeper thoughts these days,” the latter confessed. “I don’t know. I’m sure you’ve been through it before. When you reach your 6th year [as an idol], you start to think of all sorts of things.”


Having debuted a year earlier than Jinjin, the MONSTA X member opened up about his own experiences. “You think about how you’ve just raced forward all this time without a break. It was always full steam ahead,” I.M mused. “But when you stop for a bit and look around… It’s that point where we have uncertainty about what’s ahead, right?”

“I think you continue to have that uncertainty as you live on,” added I.M, who encouraged Jinjin to embrace his situation. “You need that uncertainty to motivate you to constantly keep at it. It’s a positive uncertainty.”

Elsewhere in the video, he also spoke about how he struggled during his debut. MONSTA X were formed through the 2014 Mnet reality TV series NO.MERCY. Unlike the other 12 trainees on the show, I.M was added to the show only eight episodes after it began airing and following the eliminations of several fellow contestants.

“I was really cursed out and rebuked, and that’s how I debuted,” I.M reflected. “I suffered so much emotionally. I had so many reasons to be hated, who would ever listen to me? I withstood it by only thinking about my debut.”