MONSTA X’s I.M on his “racy” lyrics: “That wasn’t my intention”

The idol opened up about the inspiration behind some of his self-composed songs

MONSTA X’s I.M has recently discussed the “racy” lyrics behind some of the songs he has written, saying that they were unintentional.

In a recent interview with Dazed Magazine, the 25-year-old rapper spoke about the “racy” nature of the lyrics for the song ‘Rotate’, which he had previously described as his favourite B-side from the boyband’s recent release ‘One Of A Kind’.

I.M helped wrote, arrange and compose the EDM-influenced track, alongside fellow member Joohoney, as well as producers Yoonseok and Wooki. “I’ve heard people say that the lyrics are kind of racy,” he shared, as translated by Soompi. “That wasn’t my intention, but as I wrote the lyrics, I think the song’s vibe kind of ended up like that.”


The idol also went on to discuss the inspiration behind ‘Rotate’. “I wanted to talk about a relationship and the times when subtle emotions are exchanged between two people,” he explained. “As they circle back and forth like that, these two people are caught in an ambiguous situation, and I wrote about that in the song titled ‘Rotate’.”

Elsewhere in the interview, I.M also discussed his solo song ‘Flower-ed’, the final track off his debut mini-album ‘Duality’. “I added a past-tense ‘-ed’ to ‘flower’. The point is not that a flower just died one day, but that it was once fully in bloom, that there was once love,” the rapper told Dazed. “Because even if it withers, a flower is still a flower.”

In a three-star review of the release, NME’s Ruby C called it “the softest song of the lot”, adding that it “demonstrates his ability to voice a side of him that’s not often heard in his music: an uncharacteristic, yet refreshing fragility.”

Last week, MONSTA X’s agency Starship Entertainment confirmed that it was preparing to debut a new girl group later this year. According to reports by South Korean news outlets, former IZ*ONE members Jang Won-young and An Yu-jin could be joining the new act, although the company has yet to confirm the news.

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