MONSTA X say their new film will show the “reality” of their journey as K-pop idols

"[We] wanted to show some really honest moments behind the scenes"

MONSTA X have discussed what fans can expect from their debut feature film, Monsta X: The Dreaming. 

In a recent interview with Consequence, the group discussed their new documentary film, which is said to chronicle their experiences as K-pop idols through exclusive new footage, personal interviews with the group’s six members and more.

“[We] wanted to show some really honest moments behind the scenes, literally,” teased I.M, before adding that they didn’t just want to show the fruits of their labour, but the hard work that goes behind MONSTA X as well, which is something the six-piece hopes fans will enjoy witnessing.


“We wanted to show the process, how we make it [happen], all the moments,” added the rapper. Vocalist Minhyuk then added on to I.M’s explanation, saying that “it is not just behind-the-scenes”, but that it also showcases “more reality” to the group’s day-to-day lives.


Aside from interviews and never-before-seen insight into the group’s work, Monsta X: The Dreaming also includes special performances of some of the group’s biggest hits, as well as songs off their sophomore English studio album ‘The Dreaming’, which was released today (December 10).

The film had first premiered in South Korean theatres earlier this week on December 8, before arriving in over 70 countries across the globe on December 9 and 11. MONSTA X’s new movie was also helmed by director Oh Yoon-dong, who had previously worked with BLACKPINK on their most recent film, BLACKPINK: The Movie.