MONSTA X reportedly working on sophomore English-language album

The follow-up to 'All About Luv' is due out this year

MONSTA X are reportedly working on their second English-language album, due out later this year.

This is according to Eshy Gazit, CEO and founder of Gramophone Media, who confirmed in a new interview with Billboard that his new label Intertwine will release the South Korean boyband’s follow-up to 2020’s ‘All About Luv’. Gazit says that Intertwine, which has been formed in partnership with BMG, has been designed to “support artists from Asia… to bring their music language to as many people as possible”.

“The BMG partnership brings a significant amount of resources, teams of professionals worldwide, and other important assets to really make this music unity dream fulfilled to its full potential,” Gazit added.


An exact dates and details for the boyband’s upcoming release has yet to be disclosed. Aside from MONSTA X’s sophomore English-language album, Intertwine will also be managing releases from the group’s former vocalist, Wonho.

In addition, BMG announced that a separate distribution deal for the group’s upcoming Korean albums has been finalized and that the US label will continue working with Starship Entertainment for the release.

Dan Gill, BMG’s executive vice president for recorded music, states that MONSTA X and Wonho’s involvement in their partnership will allow the brand to “not only build, but expand their brands into previously untapped territories”.

MONSTA X recently made their first Korean comeback of 2021 with their ninth mini-album ‘One Of A Kind’, following ‘Fatal Love’ in 2020. ‘One Of A Kind’ features title track ‘Gambler’, alongside a Korean version of Japanese-language single ‘Livin’ It Up’.

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