V is reportedly the most popular BTS member in Southeast Asia

Jungkook is a very close second

BTS member V is reportedly the most popular member of the boyband in Southeast Asia.

This is according to new research by online shopping aggregator iPrice, which claimed that V is overall the most popular member of the region. The report, which bases popularity on each country’s Google search volume, noted that V is searched 26 per cent of the time, coming first in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Jungkook comes in at a very close second with 25 per cent of the overall search volume. However, he trumps V in popularity in Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. Jimin is third overall in all countries, with the exception of Vietnam, where he’s tied with Jin at 7 per cent. Fellow BTS members Suga, Jin, RM and J-Hope bring up the rear with 10, nine, six and three per cent of the overall search volumes, respectively.


In its report, iPrice also noted that endorsements by BTS can affect the popularity of a brand. According to the research, Google searches for a brand can jump more than 100 per cent after a collaboration with the K-pop superstars. Endorsements of note include Samsung, Louis Vuitton and the recent BTS Meal with fast-food chain McDonald’s.

However, this increase in interest is not a sure thing. As iPrice noted, search volumes for fashion brand FILA continued to decrease in 2020 despite a collaboration with BTS in late 2019.

The launch of BTS’ limited-edition McDonald’s meal has resulted in a large increase in McNuggets sales in Korea, along with higher sales internationally, according to a report by South Korean news outlet The Fact.

The BTS Meal has sold over 1.2million sets since its release on May 27. The popularity of the meal has also caused sales of McNuggets to skyrocket, with the daily average increasing by 250 per cent over the past four weeks.