Muse’s Matt Bellamy to release ‘Cryosleep’ – a collection of solo recordings on Record Store Day

The LP features a Muse classic re-recorded using Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' guitar

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has shared details of ‘Cryosleep’ – a new collection of solo recordings being released for Record Store Day 2021. 

Due on the ‘drop 2’ date of July 16 on this year’s double RSD event, the 10-track ‘Cryosleep’ is a limited edition picture disc gathering recent solo releases including ‘Pray’ from the Game Of Thrones soundtrack, a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘, ‘Behold, The Glove‘ and the single ‘Tomorrow’s World‘ – alongside ‘Fever’ by supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club and solo versions of Muse tracks ‘Unintended’, ‘Take A Bow’ and ‘Guiding Light’.

The vinyl also comes with an exclusive songbook of sheet music, and a gatefold LP.


The previously unreleased version of ‘Guiding Light’ was recorded on the guitar that Jeff Buckley used to record his classic album ‘Grace’ – which was purchased by Bellamy last year.

“I had a whole team of people doing due diligence on it to make sure it was absolutely the right one, interviewing his family and all sorts,” said Bellamy last year, discussing how he came to own the guitar. I managed to get it verified, and I’ve got his Telecaster that he recorded the whole Grace album with, and the song ‘Hallelujah’.”

He continued: “I haven’t bought it to hang it on the wall with a picture of Jeff saying, ‘Look what I’ve got.’ I’ve bought it to actually attempt to use it and integrate it, and keep this guitar part of music. I’d like to believe that’s what he would have wanted.”

Bellamy also revealed that he’s already recorded with the guitar and intends to use it on the next Muse album. “I’ve already used it, actually. It’s on a cover song that we’re doing with the Jaded Hearts Club. But I’m hoping to use that a little bit here and there on the next Muse album as well.”


Last year also saw Bellamy confirm that Muse have started work on their new album, with the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Simulation Theory‘ inspired by “chaos and protests”.

Speaking to NME, the frontman revealed that the band were considering moving back to their sleepy hometown of Teignmouth in Devon to write their next record and were considering a special show to mark 20 years of their seminal 2001 album ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.

“I like the idea of totally resetting and going back to where we come from,” said Bellamy. “As in, physically moving back to our hometown and getting back to how we used to be at square one. We’re likely to get in the studio next year to make a new album of some kind and then tour after that, depending on the travel restrictions.”

‘Cryosleep’ will be released on July 16. Check out the full tracklist below.

‘Unintended (Acoustic)’
‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’
‘Behold, The Glove’
‘Take A Bow (Four Hands Piano)’

‘Tomorrow’s World’
‘Guiding Light (On Jeff’s Guitar)’
‘Simulation Theory Theme (Instrumental)’
‘Unintended (Piano lullaby)’

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