Filipino producer Like Animals drops two new lo-fi albums

Listen to 2014's 'The Poet and The Alchemist' and its sequel, recorded last week

Filipino producer Like Animals has released two albums, including a six-track project that he recorded just this week.

In a Facebook post, Like Animals posted the album art for ‘The Poet and The Alchemist’ – a 12-track album he made in 2014 – and its newly recorded sequel ‘The Poet and The Alchemist II’. Both are available on Bandcamp.

“I’ll leave you to get your ears on the former, but I must say, I am deeply proud of the latter,” he wrote on Facebook.


Listen to both albums below.

Over email, Like Animals told NME his decision to record a follow-up to ‘The Poet and The Alchemist’ came after spending time with an old friend.

“Musically, I wanted to create something reminiscent of the way me and my friends would sound when we would still jam every week. It’s really just me pretending to be a band,” he said.

“I got it done in just a few days because that old friend’s birthday was coming up and it seemed like it’d be a good gift.”


Like Animals, who is part of the BuwanBuwan Collective, is known for his soulful lo-fi hip-hop tracks. Before this double-drop, he released two other albums this year: ‘Spirit of the Land’ and ‘Stoicism Pt. II’.

He also released a 26-minute vaporwave track titled ‘Diospyros I’ back in October, which he described as having elements of “psychedelic nostalgia, early 90’s childhood, ambient noise, cool air.”

Listen to it below.

Like Animals recently collaborated with his BuwanBuwan Collective labelmates on the compilation ‘Phoenicia.’ Proceeds from the comp will go to helping victims who were affected by the recent supertyphoon that struck the country last week.