MYRNE to release virtual-reality game to accompany his new EP, ‘Circles’

The Singapore producer and DJ is releasing 'MYRNEscapes' on Steam today

Singaporean DJ and producer MYRNE has announced a new virtual-reality game, MYRNEscapes, accompanying his brand-new EP.

The game is due for release on gaming platform Steam exclusively for Windows PC later today (May 11). The game will be released in support of the musician’s newly released EP, ‘Circles’.

In a three-minute director’s cut walkthrough of a level, MYRNE revealed that the game will consist of four “worlds”, each titled after a track on the ‘Circles’ EP. The game will be a VR experiential game that allows players to explore the digital worlds that MYRNE has created, backed by songs from its accompanying EP.


MYRNEscapes was developed by Singapore-based studio Metamo Industries, which focuses on visual effects and immersive art (including visuals for Yung Raja’s ‘Dance Song’ music video). Metamo Industries was co-founded by sound designer Benedict Teo, also known as the veteran Singaporean DJ Zushan.

Listen to MYRNE’s ‘Circles’ EP below.

In the walkthrough, MYRNE said making a game was the “most sensible thing to do” during the COVID-19 lockdowns that had deprived him from dancing and live atmospheres.

Each world in MYRNEscapes takes on a different feel that suits its accompanying track. The Circles world is designed to be “a large meandering maze set in an old cavern”, inspired by games such as Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls.

The digital landscapes of What Can I Do comprises red sand dunes and skies and shimmering constellations. Emotions is set in a soothing forest atop a cliff, while Faithless is set in a jungle filled with bioluminescent plants and a river.


Released on Friday (May 6), MYRNE’s ‘Circles’ EP was written in 2021, amid the COVID-19 lockdowns and during a period when he was experiencing “big impostor syndrome + crippling wow [World of Warcraft] addiction + being very unhappy with all the music I made”, per a post on Instagram.

For the EP, MYRNE signed with Universal Music Group’s dance music offshoot, Astralwerks. He has released music under other prominent dance music labels in the past, including Ultra Music, Monstercat and Diplo’s Mad Decent.

Prior to ‘Circles’, MYRNE – real name Manfred Lim – released the seven-track EP ‘Wandering’ in 2020. Last year, he released reimagined versions of the singles ‘Superstructure’ and ‘Sleeping On My Own Again’.