Nadine Lustre and James Reid team up with Massiah for new single ‘Own It’

The three Filipino artists deliver a house-inspired pop tune

Nadine Lustre, James Reid and Massiah have teamed up for the fresh single called ‘Own It’.

The track arrived today (November 12) on all major streaming platforms. The energetic pop song is driven by house production, where singers Lustre and Reid, along with rapper Massiah, deliver verses about empowerment and desire.

‘Own It’ was released via Careless Music Manila in partnership with Yamaha Motor Philippines. The music video for the anthem will be launched exclusively at Yamaha’s Facebook page at 8pm PHT tonight.


Listen to the new single below.

Last month, Lustre made her comeback with her new single ‘Wait For Me’, following her 2020 album ‘Wildest Dreams’. Earlier today, Lustre announced that ‘Wait For Me’ has also been released as an NFT.

Prior to the release, the singer shared remix versions of her tracks ‘Wildest Dreams’ with Manila Grey and Azel North and ‘Intoxicated’ with Arthur Tan. She also lent her voice for fellow Careless artist Luka’s song ‘Mashi Baeed’.

Meanwhile, Reid released three new singles since the beginning of the year – ‘Soda’, ‘Crazy’ and his latest, ‘Hello’. He also did a remix of Yuna’s 2020 single ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ back in April.


Massiah has also released new music with the track ‘Higher’, issued last Sunday (November 7). It marks his third original release for the year, following the tracks ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Paid For It’.