Nadine Shah speaks out after verbal and sexual assaults: “The abuse of women is everyday and everywhere”

Warning: This article contains images and information that some may find upsetting or triggering

Nadine Shah says she has been the victim of verbal and sexual assault across the last month in a series of new social media posts.

Last month, Shah shared photos and descriptions of a reported sexual assault, which were then deleted from her social media accounts.

Last night (October 2), the singer-songwriter re-shared the images, explaining that she was doing so after being verbally assaulted in her new home of Ramsgate – which she says she now plans to leave after the incident.

“Here’s me a month ago after being sexually assaulted by four random men in the street,” she wrote on Twitter, reposting the photos. “Tonight a man verbally abused me and it brought back all that fear again, so much so I’m gonna leave my new home of Ramsgate. I’m so fucking tired. Leave women the fuck alone!”

In a further set of tweets, Shah added: “And these are just the scars you see on the surface. Those men that night robbed me of my dignity and did far worse than the marks you can see. And I’m in a place where I can now speak about it. The abuse of women is everyday and everywhere.”

She continued: “I’m not about to take anymore shit from abusive men even if that does mean losing friends. Tonight was the last straw. I’m not tolerating any more bad behaviour from bullies. Fuck yourself.”

Also taking to Instagram, Shah shared the photos from last month’s reported assault alongside a longer explanation.

“I’m making this a post so that it stays and so that it sticks, so that it is real,” she wrote. “I took down the images back then. But now I want you to see them. See what they did to me. And this is only what they did to me on the surface. ANYONE, any woman can or has been attacked.”

The post continued: “I was lucky to get away when I was sexually assaulted by four men last month but tonight another man attacked me, this time verbally and this time a ‘friend’. Call out your mates, don’t defend your friend or husbands of their foul behaviour. Call them out.”

Shah added: “Tonight I relived the abuse all over again and I wasn’t believed again. It fucking hurts. I’m lucky in that I have access to this platform where I can speak to thousands of you. Thousands of women don’t. #belivewomen.”

For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.