Nas disses Doja Cat on new song ‘Ultra Black’

"We going Ultra Black/Unapologetically Black/The opposite of Doja Cat"

Nas has shared a brand new song – listen to ‘Ultra Black’ below.

On the track, which is a collaboration with Hit-Boy, the rapper criticises Doja Cat for allegedly being involved in racist behaviour in online chatrooms.

“We going Ultra Black/ Unapologetically Black/The opposite of Doja Cat,” he raps in the song – hear it below.


Earlier this year, Nas revealed that he is working on two new projects, one of which is a collaboration with Hit-Boy. That collaboration was recently confirmed, with the new project arriving next week (August 21).

“There’s some projects going on,” Nas said during an interview at recent online benefit event Hip-Hop Loves NY.

“One of them is, I was working with Hit-Boy, and I still am. And there’s another one I’m working on that I don’t wanna disclose. But Hit-Boy, that’s been fun working with him […] We’ve got some things.”

Doja Cat faced a significant backlash earlier this year, amid claims she criticised her South African heritage in several online chatrooms.


In June, she was again forced to defend herself against racism allegations, after she was accused of being friends with white supremacists. “I just realised how stupid that narrative is,” she said. “I just realised that. The verbal harassment, the physical harassment that I could go through being in a crowd of white supremacists who you think I’m so good friends with, fucking ridiculous.

“My friends aren’t racist in chat rooms, my friends on TinyChat are not fucking white supremacists. They love me, I love them, they’re loving and that’s it. You won’t find anything on them because you’re fucking stupid.”