Nathan Hartono releases debut Mandarin EP, ‘Do Nothing Day’

"I definitely put a lot of ‘introverted energy’ into this one"

Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono has released his highly anticipated debut Mandarin EP, ‘Do Nothing Day’.

‘Do Nothing Day’ is a six-track project from the singer-songwriter, released via Warner Music China and Warner Music Singapore. It features production from Sweden’s LIAS, China’s Derek Li and 56loop, and Singapore’s Evanturetime and Jim Lim.

Stream the EP below.


The EP dabbles with R&B, acoustic pop and funk, and was conceptualised in the musician’s bedroom over the course of the coronavirus-inflicted lockdown.

“Creating《什么都不做的一天》Do Nothing Day has been an unforgettable process. So many elements of this project were created from my bedroom, from composing, to recording and even the shooting of the cover art,” said Hartono via a press release. “I think because of the circumstances this project was created (a frickin global pandemic), a lot of its themes revolve around self-care.”

“While I wouldn’t say that this is an EP for introverts, I definitely put a lot of ‘introverted energy’ into this one,” he added. “The last few months really made me re-examine what it means to be alone, and how we can use that to strengthen ourselves in this hyper-social society we live in.”

While Hartono also releases music in English, including the recently released ‘Dig Deep’, it is arguably his Mandarin-language material that have propelled his rise to fame. Hartono first rose to prominence in 2016, when he became the grand finalist in China’s biggest singing competition Sing! China.


Hartono also sang Singapore’s 2020 National Day theme song, ‘Everything I Am’, which you can watch below.