K-pop group NATURE’s YouTube channel compromised, filled with Manchester United content on their fourth anniversary

Following reports earlier this year that label AOMG and boyband A.C.E. both had their YouTube channels hacked and deleted

NATURE’s YouTube account has been suspended after being compromised by hackers who appeared to replace their videos with content about football club Manchester United.

Earlier today (August 3), a NATURE fan account noted that the name of the girl group’s official YouTube channel had been changed to “Manchester United”, its profile picture changed to the club’s crest, and a livestream video created featuring player Cristiano Ronaldo.


Several hours later, the fan account claimed that the channel had been suspended. At the time of writing, NATURE’s official YouTube channel leads to a page noting that it isn’t available. NATURE’s music videos, however, still remain available through Stone Music Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

The apparent hacking incident comes at an inopportune time, as NATURE celebrate their fourth anniversary today.

n.CH Entertainment, the company behind NATURE, is said to be working on restoring the group’s YouTube channel. At the time of writing, however, the company has yet to release a public statement addressing the incident.

This isn’t the first time a K-pop act has had its YouTube account compromised by hackers. Earlier this year, music label AOMG and boyband A.C.E. both reported that their YouTube channels were hacked, used to upload videos, and then deleted. The official channels for both groups have since been restored.

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