NCT’s Taeyong launches personal YouTube channel with new song, ‘Lonely’

It features vocals by K-indie singer Suran

NCT member Taeyong has launched his own YouTube channel, ‘TY Track’, with the release of the song ‘Lonely’.

Yesterday (March 15), the K-pop idol unveiled the performance video for this brand-new solo song ‘Lonely’, which features vocals from K-indie singer Suran. The song include lyrics solely written by Taeyong, who also co-composed the track with Royal Dive.


On March 14, the idol took to NCT’s official Twitter account to reveal that he would be starting his own YouTube channel. “We can’t see each other often these days, so I hope this can be a small gift for you,” he wrote to fans in Korean and English.

Shortly after, Taeyong uploaded a quick introduction to his channel. “Hi guys, this is Taeyong. Today, I have something I want to tell you in particular,” he announced in English. “I’ll talk about my daily life, or music, or dance and performance.”

He later explained that he had decided to name the channel ‘TY Track’ as it was a name that had been with him for a long time. “It’s a meaningful word to me and a lot of my fans know it, so I decided [to call my channel] ‘TY Track’.”

“It’s my first time starting [my own channel] so I’m really excited, and a little bit nervous, but I hope you like and enjoy it,” he added, before ending the video. “This is all for my fans. So, see you next time!”


During a recent interview, the idol opened up about his songwriting process and inspiration. Taeyong shared that he often sought out the opinions of others when faced with difficulties.  “I ask for advice from people around me or listen to songs about situations similar to mine,” he explained.

In related news, NCT Dream are set to release their sophomore studio album on March 28. Titled ‘Glitch Mode’, the record comes nine months after the NCT sub-unit’s last release, ‘Hello Future’, which was a repackaged version of their May 2021 debut studio album ‘Hot Sauce’.

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