NCT’s Taeyong talks about what pushes his songwriting process forward

“When I’m showering or cleaning my room is when I’m able to organise my lyrics best”

NCT leader Taeyong has recently opened up about his songwriting process.

In a recent interview with W Korea, the rapper and singer revealed that he often consults others when he faces difficulties while writing a song. “I ask for advice from people around me or listen to songs about situations similar to mine,” Taeyong explained, as translated by Soompi.

“I have thoughts like, ‘I’m in this kind of situation, but why is that?’ ‘Why do I feel this way?’ ‘What kind of experience led to this song?’ and ‘It’s similar to me…’ After a few days, I think of new things to write [as lyrics],” he continued. Taeyong also added that “showering or cleaning my room is when I’m able to organise my lyrics best”.


The NCT member went on to discuss what inspired the lyrics for the recently released NCT 2021 track ‘Beautiful’. “2021 was a year that made me realise ‘There are so many beautiful things around me’,” Taeyong shared. “I realised that life could become happy and beautiful through even the smallest things and that there are countless ways to create that.”

“Because of that, I wanted to tell people who are diligently moving forward towards their dreams, ‘With that alone, you can be proud!’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Taeyong talked about his goals as an artist. “I want the songs and lyrics I write to become strength to others,” he elaborated. “I wanted to support others through the work that I’m best at. I enjoy creating performances and I also like moving [the emotions] of others.”

NCT returned with their new album ‘Universe’ at the end of last year. The album features ten tracks from the various NCT sub-units, including NCT U’s ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)’ and NCT 127’s ‘Earthquake’.

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