New K-pop girl group SOLIA disband just five days after debut

The five-member group debuted with the single ‘DREAM’ on August 16

Rookie K-pop girl group SOLIA have announced their disbandment just days after their official debut.

On August 22, the brand-new group announced on their official Instagram account that the they have disbanded. This comes just five days after the girl group — comprising members So-ree, Sun-A, So-yeon, Ha-yeon and Eun-bi — released their debut single album ‘DREAM’.

“Hello, this is SOLIA. We apologise for suddenly surprising you with unfortunate news,” they wrote on Instagram. “Due to its circumstances, the company (Space Music Entertainment) is no longer able to keep SOLIA going, so we have come to wrap up our activities after having long discussions with the company.”


Later, the individual members of SOLIA took to social media to write to fans of the group. “Even though my time as SOLIA’s Sun-A wasn’t long, I am thankful for the love I have received,” Sun-A said in an Instagram post.

“Although we had no choice but to end things, please listen SOLIA’s ‘DREAM’ and give it lots of love. I will be active on Instagram from now on, so please look forward to watching me grow.”

Member So-ree also uploaded a post thanking fans for their support. “Although it is a pity we only got to be active for such a short time, I was able to have fun and promote happily thanks to our members and fans.”


“Thank you for the support and attention you have given me although I was lacking! Even though my time as SOLIA’s So-ree has ended, please continue to support me in the future!”

In other K-pop news, Star News reported earlier today that former IZ*ONE members Jang Won-young and An Yu-jin will be joining the lineup of Starship Entertainment’s upcoming girl group. The agency later confirmed that it is preparing to launch the as-yet-unnamed girl group in the second half of the year. However, Starship did not comment on the potential involvement of Jang and An in the upcoming group.