NewJeans drop ‘OMG’ music video with cameo from ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ actor Kim Joo-hun

The girl group's other recent music videos for 'Ditto' also feature K-drama actor cameos from two stars of 'All Of Us Are Dead'

NewJeans have released a whimsical music video for their new single ‘OMG’, co-starring actor Kim Joo-hun (best known internationally for his role in the K-drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay).

On January 2, the five-member girl group made a comeback with their single album ‘OMG’ and its title track of the same name. The song dropped alongside a music video featuring the NewJeans members as patients in a psychiatric hospital, along with actor Kim Joo-hun, who initially appears to be a doctor at the facility.

Each of the members’ delusions are revealed throughout the video, with Danielle breaking the fourth wall at one point and seemingly being the only one aware that they are K-pop singers. Kim is also later seen in a hospital gown as he watches the group from a corner, hinting that he might actually be another patient.


Oh my, oh my god, I knew this would happen / I was really hoping that he will come through / Oh my, oh my god, it’s only you / Asking all the time about what I should do,” NewJeans sing on the playful new single.

Kim, who has also acted in Big Mouth and Now, We Are Breaking Up, has also since uploaded a behind-the-scenes photo of himself on-set for the music video via his personal Instagram account.

Kim is the latest K-drama star to appear in one of the quintet’s music videos. Back in December, NewJeans released a pair of visuals for ‘OMG’ B-side track ‘Ditto’, which starred All Of Us Are Dead actors Park Ji-hu and Choi Hyun-wook.

The ‘Ditto’ videos featured Park as a character named Ban Hee-soo, a schoolmate of the girl group who films them in the music videos. NewJeans’ label ADOR has since set up a YouTube channel for the character.


In a four-star review of the fresh NewJeans release, NME’s Rhian Daly wrote: “‘OMG’ is both a nonchalant shrugging off of the burden of swift success and a steady step forward for a group seemingly already on the path to being K-pop superstars. If NewJeans keep going like this, there’ll be no stopping them.”

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