NIKI releases surprise cover of Phil Collins’ ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’

The singer’s ‘Spotify Singles’ session also features an acoustic version of ‘Before’

Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI has released two new tracks for ‘Spotify Singles’, namely an acoustic version of ‘Nicole’ cut ‘Before’ alongside a cover of Phil Collins’ 1999 smash ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’.

Today (14 September), the 88rising star announced the surprise release, adding that the new rendition of ‘Before’ was performed the “way [she] originally wrote it”, and that ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ was one of her “all-time favourite songs”.


The ‘Spotify Singles’ rendition of ‘Before’ adopts a significantly slower tempo, and features a stripped back arrangement consisting of acoustic guitars and piano. On the other hand, her cover of ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ flaunts a more ornate arrangement, involving booming drums, deep bass and even gamelan instrumentation in recognition of her Indonesian heritage.

Listen to NIKI’s ‘Spotify Singles’ session below:

In August, the folk-pop star released her sophomore full-length LP, ‘Nicole’, which was previewed with three prior singles: ‘Before’, ‘Oceans & Engines’ and ‘High School In Jakarta’. In a four-star review, NME’s Khyne Palumar praised the strength of her confessional songwriting, stating, “In recording and releasing ‘Nicole’ at least, taking what looks like a step back to move forward has paid off.”

Recently, NIKI revealed that the music videos accompanying ‘Nicole’’s three singles were connected through a short film entitled ‘But I’m Letting Go’, which premiered in Los Angeles and the singer’s native Jakarta the same month as the album’s release. The short film was later released on streaming platform Amazon Prime.

The singer is currently undergoing her debut headlining tour in North America, which began in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada on 8 September, and will conclude in Los Angeles, California in the United States on 22 October.