NIKI set to premiere short film ‘But I’m Letting Go’ in Los Angeles, New York and Jakarta this week

Tickets for the August 13 screening in Jakarta can now be won

NIKI has announced that a short film titled But I’m Letting Go will be premiering in Los Angeles, New York and Jakarta.

The Indonesian singer-songwriter took to social media to announce the film last week (August 5). But I’m Letting Go was directed by Isaac Ravishankara and shot by Zoe Simeone-Yi. It will feature Peter Adrian Sudarso and NIKI herself as the two main characters, along with an original film score by NIKI and Jacob Ray.

It’s set to premiere in Los Angeles today (August 8), August 10 in New York and August 13 in Jakarta. Tickets for the screenings will not be sold, though limited tickets can be won here.


In a statement released by NIKI on Twitter, she shared that the film is “inspired by my own life, but somehow also about every relationship. It is truly what makes this particular album so special, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for you guys to see it.”

The short film’s drop this week coincides with the release of her sophomore album, ‘Nicole’ which will arrive on Friday (August 12). The album will feature three previously released singles in ‘Before’, ‘Oceans & Engines’ and ‘High School in Jakarta’, alongside the debut of nine new tracks.

She has cited the album as the “most favourite thing” she has ever done as an artist – saying that “it’s where younger me and current me hang out and have a fucking blast together. No words adequetely convey how stupid proud I am of it & every part surrounding it.”

NIKI will kick off her very-first solo tour in North America in September to promote the album. It starts off in Vancouver on September 8, before culminating in California on October 22.

Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter became the first-ever Indonesian woman to perform at Coachella. NIKI was part of her label, 88risings’ Head In The Clouds Forever showcase, where she performed a cover of Indonesia’s very own Andra and The Backbone’s ‘Sempurna’ – dedicating it to her family and her home country.