NIKI shares ‘Nicole’ album tracklist, announces next single

‘High School in Jakarta’ will be the final single released before the album drops

Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI has shared the tracklist of her upcoming album ‘Nicole’.

Set to be released via 88rising, the album will comprise two of her previously released singles ‘Before’ in June and ‘Oceans & Engines’ in July, alongside a new single ‘High School in Jakarta’ which will arrive on August 5.

The nine other tracks that will be featured on NIKI’s sophomore album are: ‘Backburner’, ‘Keeping Tabs’, ‘The Apartment We Won’t Share’, ‘Facebook Friends’, ‘Anaheim’, ‘Milk Teeth’, ‘Autumn’, ‘On The Drive Home’ and ‘Take A Chance With Me’.


‘Nicole’, which drops on August 12 has been cited as the “most favourite thing” she has ever made as an artist by NIKI herself. “It’s where younger me and current me hang out and have a fucking blast together. No words adequetely convey how stupid proud I am of it & every part surrounding it.”

The Indonesian singer-songwriter will embark on her very-first solo tour in North America in September to promote the album. It starts off in Vancouver on September 8 and culminates in California on October 22.

NIKI made history earlier this year when she became the first Indonesian woman ever to perform at the famed American festival Coachella, where she was part of 88risings’ Head In The Clouds Forever. During her set, she performed a cover of an iconic Indonesian track by Andra and The Backbone, ‘Sempurna’ – dedicating it to her family and her home country.

NIKI’s ‘Nicole’ track list:

  1. ‘Before’
  2. ‘High School in Jakarta’
  3. ‘Backburner’
  4. ‘Keeping Tabs’
  5. ‘The Apartment We Won’t Share’
  6. ‘Facebook Friends’
  7. ‘Anaheim’
  8. ‘Milk Teeth’
  9. ‘Autumn’
  10. ‘Oceans & Engines’
  11. ‘On The Drive Home’
  12. ‘Take A Chance With Me’