No Good share retro karaoke-inspired music video for ‘SUAY’

Taken off their 2021 debut album, ‘Punk Gong’

Malaysian punk band No Good have released a new music video for their 2021 track, ‘SUAY’.

Released on Friday (April 1), the retro karaoke-inspired visual revolves around a couple falling in love and awkwardly dancing with each other while on a date.

Watch the video for ‘SUAY’ below.


‘SUAY’ is taken off the punk band’s 2021 debut album, ‘Punk Gong’. The album also featured the tracks ‘Kito Yak Dulu Lagu (KYDL)’, ‘Kabaya’ and ‘Kelate Belongs To Me (KB2Me)’.

‘Punk Gong’ landed in the third spot in NME’s list of the 25 best Asian albums of 2021, with writer Adrian Yap praising the record for its “effortless weaving in of reggae and folk elements”, which “are proof of a band willing to push themselves to even greater heights of creative prowess”.

Coming two years after their first release, ‘Demo Kawe’, ‘Punk Gong’ saw the band experiment with traditional instruments and incorporate influences from dangdut and reggae.

“We’re not traditional people, so why do we have to be traditional punks?” vocalist Smek asked in an interview with NME in November. “I listened to a lot of great bands when I was growing up. I tried to recreate what these bands did, and I feel like ‘Punk Gong’ is a direct translation of what I experienced back then.”


No Good were nominated for the Best Asian Album and Best Asian Band awards at the BandLab NME Awards earlier this year, but ultimately lost out to Subsonic Eye’s ‘Nature Of Things’ and Ben&Ben respectively.