Noel Gallagher reveals details of new custom Gibson guitars

Both models were inspired by guitars that have been in Gallagher's collection for decades

Noel Gallagher has revealed more details of his two new custom Gibson and Epiphone guitar models, which launch today (August 30).

The indie icon announced the plans for a signature electric guitar launch earlier this year, hinting at its imminent arrival last week.

Two models have now been unveiled – a limited edition guitar from the Gibson Custom Shop, and another instrument that forms part of Gibson’s budget brand Epiphone. Both are inspired by guitars in Gallagher’s own collection.


The Noel Gallagher 1960 ES-355 will be limited to only 200 units worldwide and took inspiration from the musician’s original ES-355. Gallagher purchased that guitar in London in 1997 and has used it on numerous recordings and at live shows since.

Priced at $9,999 (£8,595) on the Gibson online store, the Noel Gallagher 1960 ES-355 features “a multi-ply bound maple body, a mahogany neck and ebony fretboard, a Varitone switch, and a Bigsby® B7 vibrato tailpiece”. It will also come with a reproduced handwritten lyric sheet, signed Certificate of Authenticity, a custom Bear Strap like the one used by Gallagher and a brown and pink hardshell case.

Meanwhile, the Noel Gallagher Riviera Epiphone guitar in Dark Wine Red is based on Gallagher’s original 1983 Riviera. The guitar brand was granted access to his instrument to add historically accurate elements to the reproduction, including an ‘E’ appointment on the pick guard, a truss rod cover and a brown sound hole label. Gallagher’s signature also appears on the back of the headstock.

The Epiphone guitar costs $899 (£772) and can be purchased for either right-handed or left-handed users. Find more details here. 


The two new custom models follow Gallagher partnering with Gibson last year to relaunch the J-150 acoustic guitar. That instrument has been the star’s go-to acoustic guitar of choice for over 20 years and was first seen in the promo video for Oasis’ ‘Little By Little’.

Meanwhile, the next Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds album is in the works and, according to the band leader, will include “one of the best songs [he has] ever written” in a track titled ‘Dead To The World’.

Speaking about the upcoming record in May, Gallagher said David Bowie had influenced a song called ‘Pretty Boy’. “I’d sit up late at night doing [Bowie’s] voice, ‘If this song sounds like David Bowie, then I’m going to sing it like David Bowie until I’ve written it’,” he said.