Nulbarich explore isolation among friends in video for Phum Viphurit collab ‘A New Day’

The Japanese pop rock band link up with the Thai singer-songwriter

Japanese pop rock band Nulbarich have released a video for ‘A New Day’ featuring Thai artist Phum Viphurit, the collaborative single from their brand-new album ‘New Gravity’.

The video stages a house party, where revelry and fun take a back seat for the song’s moody and introspective lyrics. Nulbarich frontman JQ wanders around listlessly, while Phum Viphurit appears on television screens in videos boasting suitably ’80s aesthetics.

Watch the ‘A New Day’ video below.



‘A New Day’ was a “virtual collab”, Viphurit said on Instagram. He worked on the song, which deals with loneliness, as he “settled into a slower paced life,” he wrote on Nulbarich’s website.

“The lyrics reflect a lot of that; dealing with loneliness, isolation but being content with whatever may be waiting in the future,” Viphurit said. “The ’80s inspired beat made for an interesting backdrop to explore darker lyrical themes and melodies on. In the end, I’m super pleased with the track, hope you all will enjoy it too.”

‘A New Day’ is featured on Nulbarich’s new album ‘New Gravity’, which dropped today. The two-disc set of original material features other collaborations with fellow Japanese artists Vaundy, BASI, and Mummy-D of hip-hop group RHYMESTER.


Stream ‘New Gravity’ below.

Nulbarich plan to launch the album with a concert on June 13 at the Tokyo Garden Theater. More information and tickets can be found here.

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