Oasis photographer says the band “split up” during ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ recording

"People felt they might not finish the album"

Oasis photographer Michael Spencer Jones has recalled the band’s notorious fight during the recording of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’, saying the band actually “split up” during the disagreement.

The band were recording the huge 1995 album, which celebrates its 25th birthday today (October 2), at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Jones called the bust-up “a Victorian fistfight on Rockfield’s lawn” (via BBC), and said the disagreement was “on another level” to Liam and Noel Gallagher‘s previous fights.


“It was chaos and the scene of devastation in Liam’s room afterwards was was like nothing I’d ever seen,” Jones said. “It was like a nuclear explosion had gone off.

“Noel wanted me to drive him to Paul Weller‘s house back in London but I couldn’t as I’d been drinking but the band quickly disappeared – and everyone was thinking ‘is that it? is it over?'”

Oasis at Glastonbury 1995. Credit: Jill Furmanovsky

Jones added: “Most of the band left the recording sessions while I was still at the studio – and people felt they might not finish the album for sure. It was a serious falling out.

“They actually split up at that point, ceased to be a band in the middle of recording one of the biggest albums ever.”

A new documentary called Return To Rockfield aired on YouTube last night (October 1) to mark the 25th anniversary of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’.


In the film, Noel Gallagher looks back on the impact ‘What’s The Story…’ and its subsequent live tour had on the music industry, saying that “immediately people were going fucking nuts for it.”

“You know, nothing was ever the same after that,” Noel added. “Then the money came in and all fucking hell broke loose, it was like woohoo, I’m going to get me a monkey.”