OH MY GIRL unveil hauntingly captivating ‘My Doll’ music video

A cut from their May mini-album ‘Dear OHMYGIRL’

OH MY GIRL have dropped a special music video for ‘My Doll’ in celebration of Halloween.

In the mesmerising visual, the girl group perform the song in a dimly lit rooms while holding a creepy teddy bear. ‘My Doll’ had originally been released earlier this year as part of OH MY GIRL’s eighth mini-album ‘Dear OHMYGIRL’, which had dropped back in May alongside its hugely popular lead single ‘Dun Dun Dance’.


Shortly after the release of the music video, the group took to Twitter to share some behind-the-scenes images from the music video shoot. “OH MY GIRL’s surprise gift! Have you checked it out?” they wrote.

In June, OH MY GIRL made their first appearance on ELLE’s popular video series ‘Song Association’. During the segment, the K-pop act performed hit songs from Western pop stars such as ‘We Walk’ by British duo The Ting Tings, ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ by Rhianna and Beyoncé’s ‘End Of Time’.

In a recent interview with NME, freshly-debuted girl group bugAboo voiced their admiration for OH MY GIRL. “Each of us have our own role models and inspirations. As a group, though, we really look up to OH MY GIRL,” said bugAboo leader Choyeon

“They perform so naturally, and produce such good synergy as a team,” she added. “Just like how OH MY GIRL inspire us, we want to become somebody else’s role model someday, and inspire them to reach for their dreams.”

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