Olly Murs criticised for “misogynistic” lyrics in new song ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’

Self Esteem is among those who who have called out the lyrics

Olly Murs has been criticised for “cruel” and “misogynistic” lyrics in his new single ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’.

The new song, which features on his forthcoming album ‘Marry Me’, was released last Friday (November 25).

However, the singer has since faced backlash over the track’s lyrics, in which he criticises a love interest for getting drunk.


Oh, you’re slurrin’ all your words, there’s make-up on my shirt / You’re dancin’ on the tables, can’t you see / That you look like a mess and you’re singin’ Whitney?” the track begins.

He continues: “Oh, you got them drunken eyes, should we call it a night? / ‘Cause you’ve been tellin’ stories four-five times / Yeah, I’ve heard it before and my ears are bleedin’.”

In the chorus, he also sings, “I hate you, hate you when you’re drunk,” and “quit actin’ like a fool“.

Self Esteem is among musicians who have been vocal about the song, posting a screenshot of the lyrics to Twitter with the caption: “Presented without comment”.

One Twitter user replied, “Wait this is OLLY MURS,” to which the singer, real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor, replied: “No comment”.


British radio host and DJ Shaun Keaveny wrote: “Olly Murs is quite the sad, controlling boyfriend according to the lyrics of his new song, ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’. I look forward to her reply song ‘I Hate You When You Sing’.”

Another person wrote: “Olly Murs’ new song ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’, in which he calls his girlfriend ‘a mess’ for having fun at a party, is the lead single from an album called… Marry Me.”

One Twitter user added: “Stumbled across @ollymurs new song today & genuinely gobsmacked at the lyrics. How many people must have okayed this misogynist monstrosity before it was released!?”

Murs’ fiancé Amelia Tank responded to the controversy on her Instagram stories, replying directly to Keaveny: “Many thanks for your concern here however I can confirm that I in fact love my *NON* controlling *FIANCE* even more when he sings and this latest single is actually one of my favourites from the album.

“I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it bbz because I’m defo not #itsjustabitoffun.”

She then signed off: “Lots of love and have a magical evening.”

Murs also appeared to ignore the controversy, sharing a video of him signing an album with the message: “To Tracey, my wedding’s off I want you instead, love Olly.”

“Sorry babe looks like the wedding is officially off,” he joked on Twitter. “If you put the message you’d like written on my new album in the comments section at checkout, then that’s what I’ll be writing!! Keep it clean guys.”

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