One Click Straight continue teasing second album with new single ‘Untitled 02’

Industrial guitars meet house rhythm in their new single

Filipino pop-rock outfit One Click Straight have released ‘Untitled 02’, the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album.

The single was released earlier today (September 29) via Island Records Philippines. On ‘Untitled 02’, a synth-laced house beat collides with industrial guitars, continuing the band’s nostalgic dance-rock of previous single ‘Wake Me Up’.

Listen to ‘Untitled 02’ below.


‘Untitled 02’ features Filipino lyrics, following an English-language detour in One Click Straight’s previous single. The band’s January 2020 EP, ‘Harana Coma’, was their first to be written entirely in Tagalog.

The band released the song with a short message to fans on social media, telling them ‘Untitled 02’ is “dedicated to those who love with everything they’ve got”.

One Click Straight are currently preparing their as-yet-untitled sophomore album. It is their follow-up to their 2018 full-length ‘The Midnight Emotion’, along with the 2020 EP, ‘S.S.H.’, which was their major-label debut under Island Records Philippines.

Earlier this month (September 19), One Click Straight released a behind-the-scenes clip of making ‘Wake Me Up’, which captured the band collectively working on the track in the studio. Watch it below.


One Click Straight made their debut in 2015 with the single ‘Shakin’’. The band consists of vocalist and bassist Toffer Marquez, along with Joel Cartera (guitars/percussion), Sam Marquez (guitars/songwriting), and Tim Marquez (drums/songwriting).