One Click Straight release ‘S.S.H.’, a new EP “for the lonely listeners”

Their first release on Island Records Philippines

Filipino pop rock band One Click Straight have unveiled their latest release, ‘S.S.H.’

The three-track EP was released at midnight today (Sept 30) on streaming platforms. Twelve hours later, the band took to social media to address their fans.

“The S.S.H. EP is for the lonely listeners,” they wrote. “We hope our stories accompany you well in the social spaces we are all in. Listen with care and be.”


In a press statement earlier this month, guitarist Sam Marquez spoke about making ‘S.S.H.’ (which is an acronym for “Sumaya, Sumigaw, Huminga”) during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There were a few months that we didn’t do anything,” he said. “We all just tried to survive through COVID. But the thing is, if you’re a musician and a writer, you will always end up itching to write and to create more music. This is for the sake of our artistry. We just wanna make something that we’re happy with.”

Stream the EP below:

One Click Straight celebrated another milestone earlier in the year with EP ‘Harana Coma’. Released in January, the five-track effort was their first written and performed entirely in Tagalog. The band have done the same on ‘S.S.H’.


‘S.S.H.’ is the band’s first major label effort, released under Island Records Philippines, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

At the launch of Island Records Philippines in July, the band performed the ‘S.S.H.’ track ‘Minsan’. Watch it below.