ONF compare their sound to a “xylophone” and a “lemon”

“I hope everyone can learn more about us as a group that can pull off various genres of songs”

K-pop boyband ONF have discussed their latest repackaged album ‘City Of ONF’ in a recent interview.

The six-piece group released their first repackaged album ‘City Of ONF’ featuring the title track ‘Ugly Dance’ last month. In a new interview with K-pop On Tumblr, member Hyojin said that the record features music that is “more powerful and energetic, which is unique to ONF”.

“I hope everyone can learn more about us as a group that can pull off various genres of songs,” he added about the group’s career goals. ‘City of ONF’ includes 11 tracks from ONF’s first studio album ‘ONF: My Name’ which featured the hit single ‘Beautiful Beautiful’, alongside three new songs.


When asked about the highlight of their career, members Wyatt and U agreed it was performing for their fans (known as FUSE). “It was the happiest moment to enjoy the time together,” said Wyatt. “It’s a real shame that we can’t perform in front of them due to COVID-19.”

The boyband also expressed their desire to see their fans again. “I hope the pandemic will come to an end as soon as possible so that we can meet face-to-face with our fans and have greater moments,” U added.

Earlier this year, ONF’s agency WM Entertainment was aquired by RBW Entertainment, which is home to popular K-pop acts like MAMAMOO and ONEUS. RBW completed a sales and purchase agreement with WM Entertainment’s biggest shareholder on March 31, acquiring 70 per cent of its shares and procuring the agency as a subsidiary.

Kim Jinwoo, CEO of RBW Entertainment, cited WM Entertainment’s “rapid” growth in the entertainment industry as well as its “capabilities in discover and training artists” as reasons for the purchase. WM Entertainment will continue to operate as an independent agency under RBW and retain their current operations and management.