Oslo Ibrahim announces November release date for upcoming EP ‘Canteloupe’

Ibrahim released the EP's first single ‘All My Friends Are Fallin’ In Love’ earlier this year

Indonesian singer-songwriter Oslo Ibrahim has announced the release date for his previously teased new EP ‘Canteloupe’.

The singer revealed the EP’s artwork and release date in a Twitter post sent out on November 15. With the caption detailing that the EP will be released “in 10 days,” ‘Cantaloupe’ should be released on November 25.

The artwork exemplifies the canteloupe-related imagery Ibrahim has used in his releases so far this year, with the artist using a sliced fruit to block off his face for the EP cover. Ibrahim also revealed the EP’s tracklist, revealing a total of five tracks including the previously released single ‘All My Friends Are Fallin’ In Love’.


‘All My Friends Are Fallin’ In Love’, which was released earlier this year on March 25, saw Ibrahim tapping into jazz-inspired guitars and bass accompanied by quaint percussion and strings along with a poignant view on his hopes to find love like his friends have.

He previously released the EP ‘Strangers Again’ in late November last year. The EP consists of its title track ‘Do You Think You Know Me?’ featuring Pamungkas, ‘Baby Don’t Let Me Go’ and ‘Blanket of Sadness’ featuring Rendy Pandugo.

Oslo Ibrahim released his debut album ‘I Only Dance When I’m Sad’ in November 2020. The album includes fan-favourites like ‘You Made Me Cry’ featuring Romantic Echoes and ‘Yes I Miss You’.

‘Cantaloupe’ Tracklist:

  1. Honey
  2. All My Friends Are Falling In Love
  3. It Be Like That Sometimes
  4. The Way You Say Goodbye
  5. What Is Love