Oslo Ibrahim releases new single ‘Strangers Again’, co-written with Pamungkas

His fourth and final track release of the year

Indonesian singer-songwriter Oslo Ibrahim has released a new single titled ‘Strangers Again’, which was co-written with Pamungkas.

The track was released on digital platforms today (November 24) as his fourth single of the year, following last month’s ‘Do You Think You Know Me?’, August’s ‘Blanket of Sadness’, and July’s ‘Baby Don’t Let Me Go’. All four tracks make up the ‘Strangers Again’ EP.

‘Strangers Again’ is a dreamy cut that melds together hypnotic piano keys with sporadic synths and electronic effects, backed by Oslo Ibrahim’s signature vocal tone.


Listen to the track below.

‘Strangers Again’ marks the latest collaboration between the two singer-songwriters. In Ibrahim’s 2020 debut album, Pamungkas produced the track ‘I May Not The One’.

In an Instagram post on Monday (November 22), Ibrahim that it was “about time” to make “music with him again,” and that they wrote the song together “from dusk till dawn.”

“I [wanted] to keep the track simple and melodious, he wrote, “that’s why i chose him to produce the song from the very first place.” Ibrahim included a photo of Pamungkas tinkering with a keyboard in a studio.


In a prior Instagram post, which included a video message, Ibrahim said that ‘Strangers Again’ is his final single of the year.

‘Blanket of Sadness’ also featured a collaboration between Ibrahim and Rendy Pandugo.

Within the past few weeks, Pamungkas has unveiled collaborative tracks with Jinan Laetitia and Romantic Echoes.