Over October release new EP, ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’

Featuring their first song in Tagalog, ‘Sandali Lang’

Filipino pop rock band Over October have released ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’, their second EP following 2015’s ‘Free’.

‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ was released on streaming platforms yesterday (October 5) via Island Records Philippines. The EP release also marks seven years since the band’s formation, and two years since their full-length album ‘Press Play’.

“You can cry, laugh, or even dance to these songs,” they wrote in an Instagram post.


“This EP is meant to be a release and an encouragement to everyone in these trying times. We may not be there for you personally but we hope that our music gives you even just a glimpse of hope and comfort.”

Stream ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ below.

“We wrote the songs during the well-known, often-cliche, but still heavy-hitting quarter-life crisis happening in our personal lives,” lead vocalist and guitarist Josh Buizon shared in a press statement.

“It speaks about the journey of loss, self-reflection, emotional and mental struggles, perseverance, and wanton joy despite things turning to shit. Some of these are in the context of love songs, but ultimately the message that we want to get across is that even though the world we live in is in chaos and the future seems so bleak, there is hope.”

The EP includes their recent single ‘Sandali Lang’, which marked the band’s first song written in Tagalog. ‘Song No. 5 (Kahit Minsan)’ also features vocals from guitarist Joshua Lua.


‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ was produced by The Itchyworms drummer Jazz Nicolas and mixed and mastered by Peavey Nicolas of Big Baby Studios.

The members of Over October are Josh Buizon (vocals/guitar), Joshua Lua (guitar), Joric Canlas (bass) and Janessa Geronimo (drums). The four-piece first formed in 2014 and signed to Island Records Philippines in 2020.

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