P-pop stars SB19 to stream replay of ‘Back in the Zone’ virtual concert due to “insistent public demand”

The showcase can be watched online later this month

P-pop group SB19 have announced they will stream a replay of their ‘Back in the Zone’ virtual concert, scheduled for later this month via streaming platform KTX.

The group made the announcement earlier this week (Aug 3), attributing the decision to “insistent public demand”.

The group’s official pages said the virtual concert will receive its first replay at 10am local time on August 22, and a second run at 7pm the same day.


The different streaming times are catered to SB19’s local and international fans, who are collectively known as A’TIN.

According to ABS-CBN News, the tickets are priced at P550 via KTX.PH. The group is also selling ‘Back in the Zone’ limited edition official merchandise exclusively on its website SB19Music.com.

Earlier, KTX business development and operations head Gian Carlo Vizcarra was quoted as saying that the concert was a financial success with more than 12,000 tickets sold last Friday and another 8,000 purchased on Sunday alone.

The showcase also was also the highest-selling concert for the platform which reported more than 14,000 unique views, making it one of the most successful online concerts in the Philippines.

Aside from the hits from their 2020 debut album ‘Get In The Zone’, the highly-anticipated virtual concert also saw the band perform tracks from their latest six-track EP ‘Pagsibol’, which arrived in July. The show also featured special guests 4th Impact and Alex Bruce.


The five-piece group, consisting Pablo, Justin, Josh, Stell, and Ken, showcased their vocal range in individual segments throughout the virtual concert.

Originally set for July 18, the concert was postponed to August 1 over “health and safety concerns”.

Earlier this week, the group reflected in an NME interview on their career highlight of being nominated for a Billboard Music Award and struggles leading up to their viral 2019 hit ‘Go Up’.

“Now, whenever I think about the hard moments, everything was worth it,” SB19 frontman Pablo told NME.

“All the hardships that we went through. Sometimes we couldn’t eat, we would sleep on the floor. Even though we experienced that, the sweetness that we’re experiencing right now, it’s all worth it.”

‘Pagsibol’ was unveiled on July 22 and features two previously released singles, ‘What?’ and ‘MAPA’, which were released in March and May respectively.

Less than a week later, SB19 shared a “dream mixtape” featuring songs by Olivia Rodrigo, Slipknot, Singaporean artist Sezairi, and more.

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