Pamcy previews ‘Sauce Aisle’ EP with new track ‘Fish Sauce’

The upcoming release will consist of three colorful, culinary-themed tracks

Filipina house producer Pamcy will release the new EP ‘Sauce Aisle’ next month.

Due out March 5, the project will consist of three tracks, including ‘Fish Sauce’, which first premiered on DJ Mag on Sunday (February 14). Listen to the track below.


The EP is accompanied by a digital zine, written by Pamcy and illustrated by Jun Kamoda, whose label Jun Records is responsible for the EP’s release.

The nine-page document expands on the EP’s themes, inspired by Pamcy’s time living in Singapore. She describes her favourite uses for each sauce presented in the EP, the other tracks being ‘Oyster Sauce’ and ‘Sweet Soy Sauce’. “I was fascinated by how the same sauces and condiments are used in different Asian countries,” she writes in the zine.

The zine also includes a quick primer on venues and artists from Manila she admires. You can read the Sauce Aisle Zine here.

Besides launching pre-orders for the EP, Pamcy has also released a limited amount of tie-dye t-shirts to mark the occasion.

Pamcy – real name Pamcy Fernandez – is releasing the culinary-themed EP after two notable remixes: ‘FALLINLOVE!’ for Filipino-American artist Ena Mori, released earlier this month, and 2020’s ‘Water Me Down’ for American singer-songwriter Vagabon. This also marks her first release of original material after her 2020 EP ‘Sayaw’.


In an interview with The Rest is Noise PH last year, Pamcy talked about working on her 2019 album ‘Binibini’ and releasing it into a male-dominated electronic music scene. “When I got into making music, I became hyperaware of being female,” she says.

“It’s impossible not to be hyperaware of your gender when majority of beatmakers on Soundcloud are men. And in a lot of gigs I performed at, it was either an “all-female” gig or I was one of the few women in the lineup. Suddenly, being a woman defined my place in the world.”