Pamungkas announces new album ‘Solipsism 0.2’

A rework of the Indonesian artist’s 2020 album that will feature a new track

Indonesian singer-songwriter Pamungkas has announced a rework of his 2020 album, ‘Solipsism’.

Pamungkas announced on Monday (January 11) that the upcoming rework, titled ‘Solipsism 0.2’ will be released on February 3. He also shared on social media the album cover and tracklist, which includes a new song ‘Hello (Voice Memo)’.

Check out both below:


According to the new tracklist, ‘Solipsism 0.2’’s track order will also be revised, and will no longer follow the same flow as the 2020 album.

Pamungkas began tinkering with ‘Solipsism’, which he released in June 2020, during the coronavirus-inflicted lockdowns. In a video on Instagram, he elaborated on the personal toll 2020 took on him: “I lost a friend, I questioned my worth, I rethink my values. I didn’t know who’s real and who’s not – and all the plans were cancelled, obviously.

“So I finally took the pause button… I hung out with myself and it’s stupid, but I learned how to rock ‘n’ roll and how to feed my soul.”

Last year, Pamungkas began a YouTube video series called Solipsism The Series. Over 13 episodes, the last one dropping in December, the artist redesigned his living room to become a makeshift studio, and recorded the process of reworking his 2020 album.


After two episodes, Pamungkas and his team were satisfied enough with one of the revised songs that they decided the material should be released as an album.

Watch the first episode of Solipsism The Series below.

Pamungkas released his debut album ‘Walk The Talk’ in 2018 and with it, quickly rose to mainstream acclaim with hits like ‘Sorry’, ‘One Only’ and ‘Kenangan Manis’ garnering well over 30 million streams.

Pamungkas has released three albums between ‘Walk The Talk’ and ‘Solipsism’. He released a remix album for ‘Walk The Talk’, 2019’s ‘Flying Solo’ and 2020’s ‘The End Of Flying Solo Era’.