Pamungkas apologises for unauthorised use of artwork for new album ‘Solipsism 0.2’

The musician's new album 'Solipsism 0.2' has been released today, with a simple black square as cover art

Indonesian singer-songwriter Pamungkas has apologised for using a French illustrator’s art for the cover and merchandise of his new album, ‘Solipsism 0.2’, without permission.

The singer released a statement on Instagram on Tuesday (February 2), acknowledging that he had not gotten permission from French illustrator Baptiste Virot to use his art, and apologising “for the commotion [on social media] due to my negligence”.

“This is purely my bad, my negligence, and for sure [it] is a reality check for me and the whole team of Maspam Records family. We already settled things down with the artist, with Baptiste. We bought the copyrights and the illustrations, and we are on good terms,” he said.


See the video below:

On Sunday (January 31), Indonesian media platform Frekuensi Antara called out the musician by showing similarities between Pamungkas’ upcoming merchandise with the Virot’s work.

Previously, the artwork had also appeared on Pamungkas’ posts on social media, which have since been deleted.

Some social media users then contacted the artist, who confirmed that he didn’t give permission for Pamungkas to use his artwork.


Virot later wrote that he was “in contact with” Pamungkas’ team and was “try[ing] to settle it”.

In the video, Pamungkas acknowledged the artist as “being very understanding and very open, very easy to work with. I will forever be grateful for that”.

The singer also expressed his gratitude to news outlets and social media users for keeping him accountable. “Thank you, I’ve learned something very valuable from this. I wanna thank all the people who sent kind messages… Thank you for your support, it’s heartwarming to read the messages. I’m lucky to have your support,” he said.

Released today (February 3), ’Solipsism 0.2’ is a rework of Pamungkas’ ‘Solipsism’ album from June 2020. Recorded while Pamungkas was in isolation due to the pandemic, the new album features different arrangements, a re-ordered tracklist and a new song ‘Hello (Voice Memo)’.

Listen to the album, which has been released with a black square as album art, below:

Last year, Pamungkas topped Indonesia’s Spotify Wrapped list as the most-streamed local artist. The Jakarta Post reported that his debut album ‘Walk the Talk’ also topped Indonesia’s most-streamed album list, while the song ‘One Only’ made it into the top five of the most-streamed songs and most-streamed local songs lists.